Lake James Environmental Association gratefully acknowledges the guidance and direct assistance provided by the following individuals without whose efforts this assessment would not have been completed:

Lake James Environmental Association members who put in hundreds of hours of volunteer time, paid for equipment, supplies, laboratory expenses, and drove their cars and boats many hundreds of miles to monitor our streams and lake. Their commitment to the protection, preservation, and restoration of the Lake James watershed is an investment in our communities’ futures.

Sophie McCarthy (Editor, Lake James Environmental Association)

Levi Reece (Student, UNC-Asheville and Owner of Reece Environmental Services, LLC)

David Penrose​ (Professor, UNC-Asheville)  

Chris Tomsic​ (Ecosystems Services, LLC)  

David Gillette​ (Professor, UNC-Asheville)

Dr. Mark Brenner (Professor, Warren Wilson College)

Dr. Mary Bulan (Professor, Warren Wilson College)

Robert W. Hastings P.G., M.S. (Professor, Warren Wilson College)

Evan Jurick (Student, Warren Wilson college)

Shea Tuberty​ (Professor, Appalachian State University)

Katrina Vona (Student, Appalachian State University)

Naomi Ruchugo (Student, Appalachian State University)

Justin Witke (Student, Appalachian State University)

Matt Burneisen (Keep McDowell Beautiful, NC Cooperative Extension)

Rick Carpenter (Development Review Administrator, City of Marion)

Dr. Jackie Langille (Professor, UNC-Asheville)

Jacob Rash (North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Coldwater Research Coordinator)

Chris Wood (North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission District Fishery Biologist)

Ann Marie Traylor ( Executive Director Environmental Quality Institute)

Gracia O’Neill  (Assistant Director Environmental Quality Institute)